Course Schedule

Jan  21   Martin Luther King Day

Jan  23    Introductions, Course Overview, and What is History?

Jan  28    What is Democracy? A Multidimensional Concept


Jan  30    European Conquest and Colonization of the Americas

Feb  04    African Slave Trade in the Americas

Feb  06    The California Missions: Salvation or Holocaust?   


Feb  11    The U.S. Constitution: A First Go at Democracy

Feb  13    The Living US Constitution

Feb  18    Manifest Destiny and American Expansion       

Feb  20     Debating and Crafting the California State Constitution

Feb  25     Early California Laws: From Theory to Practice

Feb  27     First Person Narratives: Challenging Inequality in California

Post-Civil War Democracy & Historical Analysis

Mar  04    Introduction to Historical Research & Analysis  

Mar  06    Research Using the CSUMB Digital Databases

Mar  11     Independent Work on the Historical  Research & Analysis Project

Mar  13     Introduction to the Political Action Project

Mar  18    Spring Break: No Class

Mar  20    Spring Break: No Class

Mar  25    The State of Democracy in the Post-Civil War Period

Mar  27    Historical Developments, 1860s-1950s

Civil Rights Movements for Stronger Democracy

Apr  01    Cesar Chavez Day

Apr  03     Introduction to the Civil Rights Mosaic

Apr  08     Civil Rights Work Group Time

Apr  10     Student Civil Rights Presentations 1-6

Apr  15     Student Civil Rights Presentations 7-12

Political Action and Democracy Today 

Apr  17     Political Project Group Work

Apr  22     Visions for America: Who Wants What?

Apr  24     The State of Democracy in America Today

Apr  29     Political Project Group Work

May  01     Political Project Presentations 1-5

May  06     Political Project Presentations 6-10

May  08     Course Summary & Closure