HW 4-17

In a ‘democracy’, political debate is at the heart of decision-making. It is natural that people will have many different opinions on what to do and how to do it, so trying to persuade one another is a common activity in the democratic process.

So, where do you stand on the issues? What are you for or against?

In our next class, we will be turning our attention to some of the issues that seem to separate people into groups or parties of like-minded folks who work to get the policies and laws that they think are best. To prepare for this discussion, I would like you to complete the Political Compass survey that is linked below.

The Political Compass

The Political Compass consists of six short pages of multiple-choice questions. After you have finished the questions on page six, click the "Now let's see where you stand". 

Print the graph that shows where you stand on the Political Compass, and please bring the graph to class. It will look like the graph to the right, with a marker showing where you fall on the graph.

I will collect this in class, and it will be 12th Homework Brief of the term.