HW 4-22

From the beginning of our course on "democracy", I have tried to stress that democracy is a form of government that has many components or pieces. It is much more than just voting. 

And, we have also seen that democracy, even in one place like the United States, is not a uniform, constant, unchanging approach to government. Rather, it changes and evolves over time in very significant ways, both as an idea and as a set of practices.

In our next class, we will be discussing the health or strength of democracy in the United States today. To structure this discussion, we will use the Rating Democracy in the United States Today form that is shown below. 

To prepare for this discussion, you are to do two things:

1) Download, print, and complete the above form on which you will express your opinions on the current health or strength of democracy in the US. This will be the 13th Homework Brief of the term.

2) In the list on the right side of this page, you and your Political Project Group are assigned one of the eight components of democracy. For that particular component, you are to conduct your own research to locate facts or information to help us better understand how strong your particular component of democracy is at the present time. 

In one page, explain your assessment of how strong you think this component of democracy is, and what information you used to support your judgment. You will submit this page in our next class, and it will be the 14th Homework Brief of the term.

In #1 above, you will be expressing your opinions on all the components of democracy. In #2 above, you will be gathering evidence relating to just one of the components of democracy.

Yes, you will hand in 2 HWBs in our next class!

And, these will be the LAST HWBs