HW 2-25

In our last class, we examined the variety of ways in which communities of color and women were denied equal rights by the State of California in the decades after California became part of the United States. In our next class, we will review some of the ways in which those victims of injustice spoke out against California’s discriminatory laws and practices. 

You can work on this HWB with a partner if you choose to do so. If you do so, you will submit one paper with both of your names typed on it.

To prepare for our next class:

Reading: All students are encouraged to skim all of the documents linked below to get a general idea for how these groups articulated their resistance to their oppressive treatment.

Then, each student should select the reading(s) from any group below, and do a more detailed analysis of that reading(s).

Writing: In about 1-2 pages, prepare a list of the specific arguments that each article makes to support its complaint and its call for more just treatment.  

                                                    pp. 195-199 ( 1859)


                                                   Suffrage and Educational Committee (1871) 

                                             ❖   Argument FOR Women’s Suffrage in California (1911)

                                                Argument AGAINST Women's Suffrage in California (1911) 

You will submit your written assignment in our next class, and it will serve as the 9th Homework Brief in the term.