This course will analyze the histories of “democracy”, so it will help if we begin by exploring the meaning or meanings of this concept. What the term “democracy” refers to will be the central focus of our next class session. To prepare for next class, your assignment is to research the meaning of the concept “democracy”.

In doing this research, you can use any type of books or online web sites that you feel qualify as legitimate authoritative sources on this topic. Please go beyond a simple dictionary definition by locating a somewhat longer discussion of the idea of democracy.

After you have completed your research, you are to prepare a 1-page document that does the following:

Provide an explanation of what you feel are some critical or necessary elements in the idea of “democracy”. Go beyond a simple definition.

What are some of the more important institutions or practices that you would expect to see in a society that practices democracy?  

You will submit this document at our next class, and it will constitute the 1st “Homework Brief” of the semester.

All Homework Briefs must be created on a computer