Homework Briefs

“Homework Briefs” are homework assignments that you will be expected to do in preparation for a particular class that you will hand in at class. You will always be told in advance if a particular assignment is a Homework Brief that you will need to submit.

Homework Briefs will not be graded and they will not be returned to you. However, you will be given credit for making a legitimate effort to complete the assignment, and that credit will be part of your final grade in the course. Because these assignments are intended to serve as advanced  preparation for a particular class session, you will not be allowed to submit late Homework Briefs after the class has already taken place. See the Assessment Folder for more information on Homework Briefs.

The instructions for Homework Briefs will be provided in the File Cabinet for each date when the assignment was given. However, to help you keep track of Homework Briefs, this page of the web site will list the Homework Briefs that you have been asked to prepare and submit.  


1   Assigned on 1-23, due on 1-28

2   Assigned on 1-28, due on 1-30

3   Assigned on 1-30, due on 2-04

4   Assigned on 2-04, due on 2-06

5   Assigned on 2-06, due on 2-11

6   Assigned on 2-13, due on 2-18

7   Assigned on 2-18, due on 2-20

8   Assigned on 2-20, due on 2-25

9   Assigned on 2-25, due on 2-27

10  Assigned on 3-13, due on 3-25

11  Assigned on 3-25, due on 3-27

12  Assigned on 4-17, due on 4-22

13  Assigned on 4-22, due on 4-24

14  Assigned on 4-22, due on 4-24