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Jan 23

Our Course Syllabus:

What is History? (video)

Assignment on 1-23, due on 1-28

Jan 28

What is Democracy? (PPT)

Types of Government

Freedom House: Measuring Global Democracy 2016

Freedom House Democracy Criteria

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index

Students’ Components of a Strong Democracy

Assignment on 1-28

Jan 30

European Conquest of the Americas (PPT)

Doctrine of Discovery

    ~ Bull Dum Diversas (1452)

    ~ Bull Romanus Pontifex (1455)

    ~  Bull Inter Caetera (1493)

    ~  Requerimiento (1513)

 Assignment on 1-30

Feb 04

African Slavery in the Americas (PPT)

The Atlantic Slave Trade (Video)

Excerpt from a speech by John C. Calhoun in 1837

Excerpt from a book by George Fitzhugh in 1854 

“African Slavery in America” by Thomas Paine in 1775

“Benjamin Banneker’s Letter to Thomas Jefferson” in 1791

Assignment on 2-04

Feb 06

The CA Missions: How Should We Interpret Them? (PPT)

The Missions of California by R.J. Adams

California Natives’ Perspectives on the Missions

Saints and Sinners of the CA Missions (Video Pt I)

Saints and Sinners of the CA Missions (Video Pt II)

Graded Assignment: Pre-Democracy Comprehension Paper

Assignment on 2-06

Feb 11

Democracy and the Original US Constitution (PPT)

The Great Law of Peace

Articles of Confederation

Declaration of Independence

U.S. Constitution

US Constitution Groups

Assignment on 2-11

Feb 13

The US Constitution: Applications (PPT)

Creating a Constitution (Video)     

Bill Of Rights: Amendments 1-10

Amendments 11-27 Text

Assignment on 2-13

Feb 18

US Expansion and Destiny (PPT)

Admiral Joh Sloat’s letter to the Mexican inhabitants of Monterey and California (1846)  

US Senator Thomas Benton's speech on US expansion (1846)

The American Whig Review's editorial on the US war with Mexico (1847)

American Progress Painting

Assignment on 2-18

Feb 20

Beginning of the U.S. State of California (PPT)

Delegates to the CA Constitutional Convention of 1849 

Minutes of the CA Constitutional Convention of 1849

Constitutional Debate on Rights in California

Constitutional Debate on Voting in California

California State Constitution of 1849

Assignment on 2-20, due on 2-25

Feb 25

Early Years in California Statehood (PPT)

Laws and Classes of People in Early CA

Assignment on 2-25

Feb 27

The Discrimination Matrix (PPT)

Chief Joseph’s Plea for Justice (1879)

~ “Compelled to sell, little by little by littleAntonio Maria Pico et. al., (1859) 

Norman Asing’s Letter to California Governor John Bigler  (1852)

 ~ Address by the State Convention of Colored Citizens to the People of CA (1865) 

 ~ An appeal to the women of the United States by the National Woman Suffrage and Educational Committee 1871)

  ~ Arguments AGAINST Women's Suffrage in California (1911)

 Argument FOR Women’s Suffrage in California (1911)

Assignment on 2-27

Mar 04

Introduction to the Historical Research and Analysis Project (PPT)

Historical Research Content Framework

Assignment on 3-04

Mar 06

Work in Library Lab on Historial Research Project

Assignment on 3-06

Mar 11

Independent Work on Historical Research Project

Assignment on 3-11

Mar 13

Introduction to the Political Action Project (PPT)

Some Previous Political Project Teams

Assignment on 3-13

Mar 25

Post-Civil War Developments (PPT)

Civil Rights Act of 1875

Civil Rights Cases in 1883

Plessy v. Ferguson in 1896

Seneca Falls 'Declaration of Sentiments' 1848

Assignment on 3-25

Mar 27

Groups: Developments in US History 1860s-1950s

Assignment on 3-27

Apr 01

Cesar Chavez Day

Apr 03

Introduction to the Civil Rights Presentation

Civil Rights Presentation Teams & Schedule

Assignment on 4-03

Apr 08

Civil Rights Team Work/Planning Day

Apr 10

1 Perez v. Lippold (1948) Kaya 

2 Brown v. Board of Education (1954) Mel, Kylie and Rae-Rae

3 Unruh Civil Rights Act (1959) Maya, Janine and Shaelyn

4 Equal Pay Act (1963) Lily, Justice and Esteban

5 Title VI of the Civil Rights Act (1964) Diana, Jack and Yajaira

6 Voting Rights Act (1965) Leah, Alex and Sam

Apr 15

7 Fair Housing Act (1968) Jessilyn, Nayeli and Nyah

8 Immigration Act (Hart-Cellar Act) of 1965 Foster, Ross and Rasmus

9 Agricultural Labor Relations Act (1975) Maria, Darius and Taylor

10 Title IX of the Ed Amendments (1972) Kristen, Savanna and Courtney

11 Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (1973) Morgan and Tyler

12 Lau v. Nichols (1974) Fernando, Jasmin and Andrea

Apr 17

Political Action Project Group Work Time

Assignment on 4-17

Apr 22

Political Project Teams, Toppics, and Schedule

An Ideology Primer (PPT)

Liberalism vs Conservatism

Political Issues Survey

The Political Compass Test

Assignment on 4-22

Apr 24

Democracy Today (PPT)

Democracy Today Opinionaire

Democracy Today Based on Evidence

What’s Happening to American Democracy? (Al Jazeera video)

Assignment on 4-24

Apr 29

Political Action Project Work Time

May 01

Political Action Project Presentations

May 06

Political Action Project Presentations

May 08

Course Closure