In 1847, editors of an intellectual journal in the United States, the American Whig Review,  argued that it was a mistake for the US to have invaded Mexico. The editors argued that war was not necessary to gain ownership of Mexico; the US had only to let nature run its course. The conclusion to their editorial is printed below.

The American Whig Review Volume 0005 Issue 3 (Mar 1847)

“That Mexico will ultimately fall a political prey, not to force, but to a superior population, insensibly oozing into her territories, changing her customs, and out-living, out-trading, exterminating her weaker blood, we regard with as much certainty, as we do the final extinction of the Indian races, to which the mass of the Mexican population seem very little superior; and we have no reason to doubt that this country will not have doubled its three centuries of existence, before South America will speak the English tongue and submit to the civilization, laws, and religion of the Anglo-Saxon race. We, as a great civilized and Christian nation, have only to use all endeavors to have this tide of population regular and peaceful in its course-with no violence, or spirit of conquest; its sure progress we cannot help.”

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