Pre-Democracy Comprehension

In our class, we have spent time exploring some of the many components that should be present in a strong democratic society. Then, however, we examined three historical events or periods that were a violation of democracy: 1) European conquest of the Americas; 2) the Atlantic slave trade in the Americas; and, 3) the Spanish/Mexican missions in Alta California.

The Assignment

In this brief paper, explain how these three historical events each showed disregard for some core components of democracy. In your analysis of each event or period,  identify and explain at least three components of democracy that were violated during that period.  To make your argument stronger, when you can, cite sources from our class materials to support the points you make. 


  1. You may prepare this paper either by yourself or with one partner. If you work as partners, you will submit one paper, you will each be responsible for the whole paper, and you will receive one grade.
  2. The paper should be no longer than two-three (2-3) pages of text, with an additional page on which you will note any sources you cite. It is not necessary to use any particular citation style; but, each citation should name the author, name the source, and report where the source is available.
  3. The paper should use either 1.5 or 2.0 line spacing.
  4. The paper will be due in hardcopy in class on Wednesday, February 13th.