DL Political Action Project

In this deliverable, your Political Project Team will prepare and deliver a 20-minute, multimedia presentation to the rest of the class on your project. This page provides information to help you understand and to prepare for this presentation

Content to Cover in Your Class Presentation

The overall goals of your presentation should be: 1) to advocate your team’s position on the issue; 2) to explain to the class the political project that your team carried out; and 3) to analyze the lessons you learned. Below are more specific topics to consider:

    Your Group Issue: Identify and explain your issue.

    Historical Background: Every issue has a past that is relevant to understanding the issue in its present form; no issue just springs to life from nowhere. So, you need to know about the prior events, laws, debates, conflicts, etc. that        have given life to your issue in its current form.

     Alternative Courses of Action: Something is an “issue” when people disagree about what should be done. You need to understand the alternative courses of action that are being proposed or considered relative to your particular issue.

    Advocating for Your Position: Your job in politics is to advocate in support of some particular position or action on an issue. So, you must develop an argument or line of reasoning that persuades others to also support your position or action.

     Your Political Action: Describe the “action” component of your project.

       * What objectives did you plan to achieve?

      *  What actions did you take to achieve those objectives? Discuss in some detail.

      *  How successful were you? How did you gauge your success?

 ◉     Lessons Learned: Plan a few minutes to share what your team has learned from this project about engaging political action.

        *  Reflect on each component or phase of your project.

        *  Be probing and analytical, not superficial.

        *  BSing about how much you accomplished will harm, not help, your presentation.

Specifications of the Presentation

The presentation should last 20 minutes.

All members of your team should play a meaningful role in preparing and delivering your presentation.

Your presentation should employ multiple forms of media. Not all are required, but some might include power point slides, pictures, charts and graphs, music, web sites, video clips, handouts, etc.

Videos should be no longer than a few minutes.

Presentation Delivery Guidelines

Plan your group presentation in advance so that it has a smooth flow, that you have adequate time for all your parts, and that no member consumes too much time with her or his parts.

 Coordinate your presentations so that you avoid a lot of overlap and duplication of material.

 When speaking, stand confidently in front of your audience and make eye contact with them. Do not just look at the instructor.

 Do not read from your notes or from slides. Rather, speak directly to your audience. Your notes and slides should be used only as reminders or prompts; you need to know the material well enough to explain it yourself.


The criteria that will be used to rate your presentation can be located in the Assessment Folder or by clicking the link below.