DL HW Briefs

In our course Histories of Democracy, you will be expected to "prepare" for virtually all of our approximately 30 class sessions. This preparation will involve such activities as reading, researching a question or issue, locating factual information in some database, completing a survey, crafting a personal position on some issue, constructing a chart, etc. This preparation will enhance your understanding of the class material and strengthen your ability to participate in class discussions and activities.

However, in the case of 15-16 classes, you will be asked submit evidence of the preparation work that you have done for those classes. In these instances, you will always be notified in advance that you will be handing in your preparation work, and written specifications for these assignments will always be provided.

Because these preparation assignments will often represent the students' first exposure to the particular subject matter, the quality or accuracy of these assignments will not be "graded" and returned to the students. Rather, you will receive feedback on your preparation work through the class activities.

Having said that, by making a legitimate effort to complete and submit these preparation assignments in a timely manner, you will earn credit toward your final course grade. A primary purpose for collecting these preparation assignments is to provide me with an opportunity to gain some insight into how the students are processing and understanding the subject matter that we are addressing in the course. Thus, awarding credit for these assignments is intended to provide an incentive for you to complete and submit this particular work.

As these Homework Briefs are intended to serve as advanced preparation for a particular class session, you will not be allowed to submit Homework Briefs after the class has already occurred. 

Information on how these Homework Briefs will be assessed and graded is provided in the Assessment Folder or through the link below.