DL Civil Rights Presentation

In this assignment, students will form groups of 3 students each. Then, each group will conduct research on one of the Civil Rights laws or court decisions listed below. Based on this research, each group will prepare and deliver a 15 minute, multimedia class presentation according to the schedule shown below.

Research and Presentation Specifications

In your research, you should read the law or court decision, itself (primary source), and you should read several secondary sources in which others discuss, explain, and analyze the law or court decision. Your group’s research and presentation should address the following:

  • what were the background conditions that led to the law or court decision?
    • don’t just name the problem; try to frame its scope or dimensions or prevalence with statistics and images
  • what were the significant points created or established by the law or court decision?
    • please focus on only the most significant factors, not on all the minor details that are not important for us to know; secondary sources will be very helpful on this.
  • what logic or reasoning was used to support the law or court decision?
    • use direct quotes or paraphrases when possible
  • how was this law or court decision intended to improve the practice of democracy?
  • how have conditions changed since this law or decision?
    • again, provide statistics, images, testimonials, or some type of evidence
  • identify 3-4 good primary and secondary sources you used in your research.

Your class presentation should be about 15-20 minutes in length.

Your oral lesson should be supplemented by a visual presentation using PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, or some other presentation tool. You should create 10-12 slides.

You are encouraged to use visual images and/or very brief video clips (3 min. or less) in your presentation.

Each group should bring its slideshow to class in a format that is readily accessible and playable.

All group members should play a meaningful role in the group’s presentation.

On the day that a group delivers its presentation, the group must send its slide show to me as an email attachment.  


Planning Time: Civil Rights groups will need to collaborate outside of class time on this project. However, groups can count on the following in-class time for planning and development:

  • April 08   Entire 2-hour class period 

Presentations: The Civil Rights group presentations will be delivered according to the following schedule:

     ▷  April 10   Groups 1-6

     ▷  April 15    Groups 7-12


It is expected that group members will collaborate on this assignment, and group members will receive a common group grade for this assignment. However, I reserve the right to adjust an indivdual’s grade up or down from the group grade if I determine that to be appropriate.

The criteria that will be used to review and grade your group’s Civil Rights Presentation are provided in the Assessment Folder, and they can be accessed via the link below.