Over the term of this course, you will be expected to demonstrate your level of knowledge and skill relating to the subject matter that we will be studying. In some cases, you will demonstrate this through your regular or routine participation in class activities. In other cases, you will need to produce specific pieces of work. These demonstrations will be used as the basis for determining your final grade in the course.

Below, the Deliverable links provide an explanation for each of the opportunities you will have to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. The Assessment links show how each of the deliverables will be reviewed and graded. 

   % of Grade    Deliverable                                                Assessment

           20%               Active Engagement in the Learning Process                 Assessment

          20%               Homework Briefs                                                               Assessment

          10%               Pre-Democracy Comprehension                                      Assessment

          20%               Historical Research & Analysis                                        Assessment

          10%               Civil Rights Class Presentation                                        Assessment

          20%               Political Action Project                                                      Assessment

Calculating Your Grade